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The George Morris Centre is Canada’s leading economic agri-food research organization. We offer research, consulting and custom education to the private sector, government, producer groups and organizations that have a commercial interest in agriculture, food and related policies. We are the go-to source for trustworthy and unbiased information that helps leaders make informed decisions.

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Four Fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 4- Technology Will Solve All Problems September 24, 2014

The fourth, and final, paper on the four fallacies in Agricultural Sustainability.

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Four Fallacies of Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 3- Farm Technologies Can Be Picked From a Menu September 10, 2014

Food marketers increasingly target specific agricultural technologies for inclusion or exclusion in their products. While this is consistent with the marketing of many non-food products, restrictions on agricultural technology have important differences. This third paper in a series on sustainability highlights some of these important nuances.

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Four Fallacies of Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 2- Smaller is Better August 26, 2014

This second paper in the series of four on sustainability considers whether smaller farms really are better.

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Does the Meat Follow the Money? Global Meat Trends, Statistics and Global Trade Opportunities for Improved Profitability August 19, 2014

There are a variety of criticisms regarding how effectively Canadian meat packers and traders explore and gain access to markets around the world. Furthermore there is no shortage of free advice for the meat industry on how they can better do their job in exporting to these global markets. However, this report by Kevin Grier, shows that Canadian meat companies do an excellent job in exporting and gaining new markets.

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