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The George Morris Centre is Canada’s leading economic agri-food research organization. We offer research, consulting and custom education to the private sector, government, producer groups and organizations that have a commercial interest in agriculture, food and related policies. We are the go-to source for trustworthy and unbiased information that helps leaders make informed decisions.

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Does the Meat Follow the Money? Global Meat Trends, Statistics and Global Trade Opportunities for Improved Profitability August 19, 2014

There are a variety of criticisms regarding how effectively Canadian meat packers and traders explore and gain access to markets around the world. Furthermore there is no shortage of free advice for the meat industry on how they can better do their job in exporting to these global markets. However, this report by Kevin Grier, shows that Canadian meat companies do an excellent job in exporting and gaining new markets.

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Four Fallacies of Agricultural Sustainability, and Why They Matter: Part 1- We should tread more lightly on the agricultural land base August 14, 2014

The first in a series of four papers that looks at the fallacies relating to agri-food sustainability.

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The Cattle Industry Will Get “Jointed” Soon Enough July 24, 2014

Recent studies call for more coordination in order to deal with a cattle industry that is said to suffer from being “disjointed.” Whether those concerns are real or not is beside the point. Given the harsh reality of dwindling cattle supplies, the industry is going to face rationalization.

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Consumer Packaged Goods’ Trade Balance Continues to Decline - Is the Canadian CPG Industry in Trouble? July 7, 2014

Canada’s trade balance in CPG has been eroding during the last few years as U.S.-based firms repatriate production back to the U.S. Why is this trend happening and what it means for the agriculture and food industry and consumers?

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